Ilsa Loved in Life Missed Dearly
In Loving Memory
We recently lost our white Dobie to a long hard 6 year battle with diabetes. She was
an angel and we miss her so much. I am extremely happy to find someone like
yourself that loves the white Dobermans as well. I adopted her from a shelter in
Sprakers, New York and the facility wasn't sure if they wanted to let her be adopted
as they thought  her breed was dangerous and she should be put down. She was
about as dangerous as a cotton ball! We loved her so much and would love to carry
on her breed with pride as we were proud to have her as a part of our family!
It would be an honor to have you put Ilsa's picture on your web page. It's such a shame that people think white dobermans are a
disgrace. Not very many people see most animals as companions anymore, just a pedigree. My Ilsa was by far the most amazing,
intelligent, affectionate, and lovable dog I have ever had the pleasure to call mine. I grew up with dobermans as a child but none
ever had such an affect on me as she did. Thank you so much for wanting to put her on your page. If only everyone could have seen
how wonderful she was...  I look forward to hearing from you in the future. Until then, Take care and wish mama good luck for us!
                                      Shanna and the rest of the Maliniak/Arthur Family!
"White is Right"
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It's a shame people take good dogs and put them in rescue... Thank God there are people like the
Maliniak/Arthur Family to give the great homes.
I wanted to send you a photo of our Skye.  God gave her to us for a very short time.  
We were permitted to love and enjoy her for only 6 years and 3 days.  We wouldn't
trade a single one of them.  We feel she must be needed in Heaven to comfort a
lonely child who has no one there to love them.  We are heartbroken, but know our
new baby girl will give us many years of happiness, too.  We haven't named her yet as
we are sure she will tell us the name she wishes to have.  God bless you all for your
part in saving these precious white dobermans.  God wouldn't create them if they
didn't belong.We are looking forward to the day we can come and retreive our
precious little one.  We will do Isis and Lightning proud as we will love this little one
and enjoy all she will bring to our lives.Thank you for saving us from a long time of
lonliness!Jeff and Jan Snyder
In Memory of Skye
Jeff and Jan Snyder
In Loving memory of my sweet Angel.   
Sunrise:  May 5, 2004 – Sunset:  April 12th, 2011
Rest assured that our love is eternal and will transcend all time.
My heart was broken on April 12th when my Heavenly Angel with sky blue eyes passed
unexpectedly. Her heart stopped on her way to recovery after a 2 hour + surgery had been
performed in order to remove a fast growing, aggressive squamous cell tumor that
formed on the back underside of her tongue. Gone too soon. She would have been 7 in
on May 5th. I got her when she was 6 weeks old. I found her on puppyfind and had her
flown to southern California from Ohio.  Angel meant the world to me. She was my pride
and joy. She became my everything - my life. I adored and loved her so much. She
adored me too. We were inseparable. She went everywhere with me. I took her to my
office every day and my patients absolutely loved her. She was a great therapy dog. I got
her service dog tags so I was able to take her inside public places with me. Her and I
had a great time when we took a road trip in my Explorer Sport Tract to visit relatives in
Kansas last year. She was so smart I probably could have taught her to drive too. I have
had 4 other Dobermans throughout my lifetime, ( three black and one fawn) but, Angel
was the smartest, sweetest, most gentle fun loving dog I have ever known. I never
thought it was possible for a dog to become a part of me and touch my heart and soul so
deeply. I am so sad and lost without her. This would be like a single mother losing her
only child. Angel and I lived alone. Now only her memory. Though no other being could
ever replace her in my heart. I am not sure if it is too soon to get another white female
pup or not. The pet grief therapist said it is too soon, but I think it might help me to
overcome this depression that has taken over and bring some joy back into my life.

One thing that has helped me a little is Repeating this poem by Wordsworth from one of
my favorite old movies:

The Glow of the Radiance that was Once So Bright,
Has Forever Been Taken from My Sight.
Though nothing can bring back
The Hour of Splendor in the Grass -
The Glory in the Flower.
I Shall Grieve Not.
Rather, Find Strength in that which remains behind.